Drywall Info Site Renovation!

I am now in the process of renovating Drywallinfo.com, in response to what you have suggested and for other reasons. Here are changes that will be made:

  • Major drywall taping pages will be cleaned up so the code does not cause problems with alternative browsers. These changes will consist of replacing excessive old code that I put in way back using FrontPage 2003 with up-to-date validated code that uses CSS and is error checked.
  • A more comprehensive top menu so you may find this blog from any page.
  • Videos converted to Flash format so users with Macs can view them. I did not realize this was a problem til some helpful site visitor pointed it out recently.

Hopefully, you find these changes helpful. It will take a bit of time to do all these changes, but I have already completed the drywallinfo home page and much of the the drywall taping joints page. As always, I welcome any input you have. Also, I will gladly help you with any drywall questions you have on your current drywall project. Contact me at mikesemail2000-drywall@yahoo.com .

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