Popcorn Texture Repair Fears Gone!

For many years, I advised those that emailed me drywall questions to avoid texture. I still do. Texture is nice, til you get a hole in your wall. Then repair becomes a big issue. Knockdown is not so bad, since one can reproduce the splattered joint compound that is then scraped down when partially dry without any special equipment, or at the worst, with the fairly inexpensive sprayer used. But popcorn ceiling is sprayed on with an expensive sprayer that requires a bit of skill to master its use. You may rent the sprayer if you have one available  (we couldn’t get one near us) but you still need to master the technique. Another big problem with texture repair is that you have a sharp line from texture to no texture – this takes a bit of prep to smooth out into a nice gradual transition. The only texture we have in our home is the popcorn ceiling texture that was on most of our ceilings when we bought the home – we are stuck with it.

Finally, out of necessity, I had to tackle texturing. We remodeled our kitchen and replaced boxed in areas above our old cabinets with cabinets extending to the ceiling – this resulted in an unsightly 5″ gap of no texture in front. I tried home-store spray can products. What a mess! Then it was suggested to try a paint additive. After a good job of prepping, which is described in detail at the main site drywallinfo.com,  I painted the ceiling with the paint + texture using a special texture roller. It worked like a charm – see photo at bottom!

I still say, however, avoid texture if you can!

Paint Additive & Roller

Paint Additive & Special Roller

Textured Paint Being Rolled On

Rolling on The Textured Paint

Popcorn Texture Repair All Finished!

Texture Repair All Finished!

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