Preparing a Recess – Butt Drywall Joint

Many times I have been emailed about what to do when a recess drywall edge is up against a non-recess edge. A photo of such edges is shown below. If you tape this joint as it is, you end up with tape that can not be properly embedded. What needs to be done is to first make the two edges level by filling in the recess. You could use joint compound, but this takes a while to dry and will shrink in and crack a little, so you are better off using a sand-able patching plaster – I use one from DAP. The patching plaster will dry quicker and shrink less. Use a 5 inch taping knife to level the surface, as shown below. Use the higher edge as a guide for the taping knife. After this is all dry, scrape the surface level in case any bumps are sticking up and then tape as using the butt-joint procedure.



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