Review of Studpop® Magnetic Studfinder

I was sent a magnetic studfinder known as the Studpop to test and do a review.

This was a very light weight stud finder, but despite its light weight, the magnet within it was very powerful. The stud finder easily stuck to the wall over a drywall screw. And in fact, I found that this stud finder would even stick on the wall over drywall nails where as a different magnetic studfinder I have would not quite stick. This product worked well over tile walls as well – the little popper was extremely sensitive and easily indicated screws under the tile, although through the tile the stud finder could not stick to the wall like with drywall. The only drawback of this product is that it requires metal fasteners under the surface – if your drywall is glued on or in too small of a space where there are not drywall screws or nails underneath, you will not find a stud. I really like how the magnet sticks firmly to the location of the screw – this takes any guesswork out of determining where the center of the stud is. In the video below I test out this product and also compare to an electronic studfinder.

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