Skim Coating Your Plaster Ceiling

Recently, I helped a friend with his bathroom project. His home was very old and the walls and ceiling of his bathroom were plaster. He removed some of the walls to put in a new tub, and I taped the new drywall to the old plaster. But the plaster was not as even and smooth as the drywall, so I skim coated. To skim coat this, I placed a layer of joint compound on a low spot and then skimmed it off level. I added coats where ever needed. I did not put one thick coat over everything. The All-purpose compound shrunk in a bit, so I applied additional coats after scraping down.  Then, when I was all finished with all my joint work and coats, I lightly sanded the ceiling as well as the other work with 220 grit sand paper on an 8-inch long block using a random circular motion.

The result was a plaster ceiling that could pass for drywall that did not require all the additional demo of removing plaster. A video of me skim coating is shown below.

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