StudTHUD® Magnetic Studfinder Review

studthud-wall300The inventor of the StudTHUD®, a magnetic stud finder that uses a super-sensitive magnet that “thuds” against the wall when it passes over a drywall nail or screw, sent me one of his inventions to test out. I had been following the progress of this invention for a while and had corresponded with the inventor quite a bit. Before actually trying it, I quite honestly was a little skeptical as to why it was any better than any other magnetic studfinder. But my skepticism left when I actually tried it.

Here are the Pros and Cons that I found:

Pros of the StudTHUD®

  • The StudTHUD ® found studs very fast! The magnet was so powerful that it even pulled the stud finder toward the stud, with the StudTHUD® thumping against the wall when it located the stud.
  • Upon locating the stud, this magnetic studfinder would usually stick to the wall due to the powerful force of the magnet.
  • The Stud THUD ® has the same width as a normal building stud. Thus, it is almost impossible to miss the stud if you mark your stud midway on the stud finder. A traditional electronic stud finder can sometimes leave you guessing at times.
  • The StudTHUD® was able to find a stud even under tile!
  • No batteries! I came to appreciate this when I compared this product to my traditional electronic stud finder that did not work because it contained a corroded dead battery.
  • The product was easy to use. In the video below, my son found studs with no special instructions except “slide the stud finder over the wall until the magnet finds a stud”.

Cons of the StudTHUD®

  • The StudTHUD® needs metallic fasteners. Thus in the unlikely event that the drywall is only glued to studs underneath, you will not find the stud. This might also be a problem in a tight area that just happens to not have fasteners on the drywall in the area.


The StudTHUD® is a product that I think every homeowner would want to have, perhaps in addition to an electronic stud finder. I found it to be more precise and foolproof than the electronic stud finder I have, and it did not need batteries.  I look forward to seeing it on the market – it would make a nice stocking stuffer for just about anybody on my Christmas list. This product is going to be available late 2011 – for more info, see

Watch my son find some studs in the video below. He found the first stud very quickly due to a little luck I think and it took a little more effort finding a stud under the tile. The video was unrehearsed and unedited.


Disclosure Statement: Other than being given this product for me to review, I have not been compensated in any way by the inventor of this product. The value of this product is approximately $10.

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