Wallboarders Buddy Review

wallboarders-buddyI was invited to try a new product called the Wallboarders Buddy by the inventor of this  product. I gladly accepted, as it appeared to be a nice product. After completing this review, I will donate the product to a friend that is a professional contractor – it could be a big time saver for him.

Here is a summary of Pros and Cons I observed:

Pros of the Wallboarder’s Buddy

  • This wallboard cutting product is extremely easy to use. The video posted below was made only a day after I received the product. It is pretty self-evident how you use this product. Set your width, and run the guide down the side of the drywall piece scoring as you go.
  • You don’t have to even use your tape measure to set up your cut. The guide has a precise measurement setting that locks in place. And it proved to be quite accurate. So if you need a 44″ wide sheet, simply cut off 4″ from one edge of the full 48″ wide sheet. The Wall Boarders Buddy, able to cut accurately on both sides, would be very handy for trimming a sheet from 96″ to 95″, a task that can be very time consuming.
  • The pieces break off much cleaner than the usual score, bend, and break method due to the fact that you score the drywall on both the front and back of the sheet.
  • This product is fast. Despite my inexperience with the Wallboarders Buddy, I was able to measure, score, and cut the piece in the video in about a minute and a half.

Cons of the Wallboarder’s Buddy

  • When cutting smaller pieces, it is more difficult to keep the guide in place properly against the edge. In a trial piece cut before the one in the video, I cut a smaller piece and it was difficult to use the guide unless someone else held the piece. But this would not be an issue with a full sheet or even a half sheet since the weight of the bigger heavier piece would hold it in place as you cut.
  • One must take care to keep the guide straight. I did not have too much difficulty, although on the smaller piece mentioned in the previous paragraph, the guide strayed from the edge and resulted in a non-straight cut. Keeping the guide on course would not be too difficult on a full size sheet I think.


This would be a great product for the person doing a lot of drywall cutting in the building of their home or a major remodel. I think that a professional drywall contractor would definitely want to have this product since time is money, and this product could for sure save some time. And how many times does one have to cut 96″ sheets down to 94″ or 95″ in a remodeling job? This product would save a lot of time. Given the fact that it took me, with my limited experience using the tool, only a minute and a half to measure and make the cut shown in the video below, I think a professional could easily cut pieces to size in a minute or less. For more information and videos on this product, see http://www.wallboardersbuddy.com.

Wallboarders Buddy Review

Disclosure Statement: Other than being given this product for me to review, which I will donate away, I have not been compensated in any way by the producer of this product.

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