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My Drywall Story

Here is a picture from the last drywall taping job I did on my kids new room.  You probably aren't noticing much. That is good - taped joints are not supposed to be noticed.  The first drywall taping job I did about 15 years ago was a much different story.  I slapped on mud, sanded, slapped on mud, sanded, etc., etc., until the sanding dust had piled up to about 1/4 inch deep!  I primed and painted and yes you could see the joints, the humps, the bumps, and other defects.  My lungs took a hit from the excessive dust as well, even with a mask. Luckily, my first job was inside a utility closet! 

So, before attempting another job, I decided to find out how to properly tape drywall.  It couldn't be too hard - several people told me how "easy" it was!  I asked sales people & professionals (who didn't like to reveal their $50 per hour secrets), read in books and pamphlets, and asked more people.  The same old line was "Apply a coat, place tape on, apply another coat, apply a top coat, sand between coats and your done".  As Yogi Bera might say "It's easy once you know how!" The problem was I never had any hands-on instruction.  My next job was only slightly better.  I think I only generated 1/8 inch of sanding dust since I think I was starting to master the art of "drywall sculpting". The joints were only slightly better looking but still quite visible.

Well, after more frustration, I finally cornered a self-professed "drywaller" who I would not let go without providing me a few more "specifics".  I didn't use threats or physical force, but it seemed I came close to that! He provided me with some very helpful tips which I hastily scratched down with pen & paper.  These tips, along with my own trial and error through the years, are what I base my directions from this site.

So now I have a site that provides instructions on this "simple" art for my friends and anybody else on this big World Wide Web.

Say goodbye to bumpy walls and drywall dust storms!

Michael Sakowski, PhD (Practicing home Drywaller)

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