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Your best bet in finding a drywall contractor is to find a local contractor that a friend can personally recommend. Ask around. If nobody can recommend a person, then you will need to find a contractor in your zip code area. The Drywall Contractor Locator below, will locate all contractors listed in your zip code area.

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Once you find a few contractors, check their reputation with people that commonly hire drywall contractors like those that fix up & sell homes, carpenters or home builders, or anybody that has had a home built.

Have Qualified and Screened Contractors Compete For Your Bid
You can use a free service called NeedContractor. This service will find up to 4 qualified and insured drywall contractors in your area and they will contact you. You only hire them after you have a chance to check their references and you are not obligated to hire. Another plus about this service is that the contractors tend to give you lower bids since they know that others are competing for their bid. I have researched this service NeedContractor thoroughly to make sure it provides good contractors. Thus far, I have not been able to find record of a bad experience by any folks using this service and many visitors to this site have used this service. If you use this service, please drop me a line and let me know how it went. I will only promote this service as long as it lives up to its promise.

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