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Thank you for providing the drywall for beginners website. I know it will be a huge help when we start taping our project today.  After reading your course a couple of times I now have enough confidence to plunge in. (slowly)

Just wanted to say thanks for the info on your website.  Your website, Kick's @ss.  Sorry for that, just no other way to describe it better. I have done small projects and repairs before, but my current project is a 100 sheet apartment.  I wasn't sure I wanted to tackle this on my own?  But after reading the info I decided to get started on my own.

Thanks for the how to do drywall video I never thought I could do it, it looked to hard, when I seen those to young kids in your video doing it I knew I could too. 

Thanks for a great site! Saved me lots of time, and will make the bedroom come out nicer (hopefully) than the previous room that I did.

Thank you for a great and informative site. I have been remodeling our living and dinning rooms,adding new drywall and finishing it myself. I have followed your steps and things look really good. The videos really help. I also found out that it helps a lot if I put more mud on the wall than on the floor. My wife thinks so too. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

I just wanted to say I love the page. Not too long ago I was doing some work in my shop and I stepped through the ceiling. So I found your page and read up on how to properly take care of it - before my property manager sees it. Based on what you had written, I was able to patch it so well that once I put the last coat of plaster on it I couldn't even tell where the patch was anymore.

I've never done drywall before, and I'm a little impatient generally when I'm doing renovations.  I looked around the web quite a bit, and spoke to several people for advise before attempting my own mudding and taping job, and I have to say your site is the best I've ever seen! 

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