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Drywall Questions - Bubbling and Loose Tape, Texture a Painted wall

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Emy said: I am fairly new at drywall mud and paper tape, I'm pretty sure I've done everything I'm supposed to but why can't I get smooth seams and tape without bubbles?? Why am I geting bubbles in certain parts of the tape?

ANSWER: Emy, I am guessing that air gets under the tape. If you quickly plove the tape through water and shake off the excess, you will have much less of that happening. The wet tape will stick like glue and then when you run the taping knife over you will push out any air.

JoAnna said: I need help on retaping I see some loose tape in corners n my kitchen But I also need to paint.

ANSWER: JoAnna, If there is just a little loose tape, you can carefully slice it out with a sharp razor knife. Slice back to where it is not loose. Then skim coat over with compound with several very light coats skimmed off with a taping knife. Spot prime and paint. If the tape coming off is extensive and not in the inside corner, follow a procedure shown at http://www.drywallinfo.com/retaping-drywall.html where you score on each side of the tape and remove it. If it is in an inside corner, you could go right over the top with new tape after you remove all loose tape without removing all of the old tape - the inside corner will not stick up and out like a regular joint.

Gary said: Can you texture over painted dry wall?

ANSWER: Gary, I applied texture (mixed with paint) over painted drywall with no problems this summer. Actually, I blended it into textured and painted drywall. Texture is generally joint compound, and I have placed joint compound over already painted walls many times. It never hurts to thoroughly clean the surface and if it is gloss, lightly sand it just to buff it up.


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