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Drywall Questions - New Drywall Over the Old, Repairing Cracks Under Windows and Cracks in the Ceiling

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An anonymous person asked: I have cracks forming under my windows. How can I fix these?

ANSWER: You need to retape. Try to find an extra-strong tape to replace the paper tape. Strait Flex makes one, and you might find it at your hardware store. See http://www.drywallinfo.com/retaping-drywall.html for details on retaping on the seam.

Steve asked: I have a hairline crack in my kitchen ceiling about 10feet long. How can I repair it?

ANSWER: Steve, if this is a crack on a joint, you should remove the existing tape by scoring on each side, scooping out with a putty knife, and then apply new tape. I would suggest an extra strong crack repair tape. See www.drywallinfo.com/retaping-drywall.html for the procedure. If this is a textured finish, you will have to sand on each side to make it level. Then repair the texture after it is finished.

Karen asked: Can I place new drywall right over the old?

ANSWER: Karen, Yes you can go over the top of existing drywall with new. Use screws that are 1 3/4" long if the drywall underneath is 1/2" thick. One issue you will have is that all window, door, and floor trim and openings will have to be adjusted, which may involve a bit of work - so check all of this out first. Also, any heating vents coming through the floor may have to be adjusted.


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