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Patching Drywall To Match A Texture

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QUESTION: I saw your web site and found it to be very informative. I was wondering if you could help me. When I patch it always looks flat and sticks out.  It does not match the surrounding wall. I think it is called orange peel. I was wondering if there was a sponge or some sort of a tool to help it blend in.

ANSWER: It sounds like you have a textured wall to match. Your best bet may be to try using a texture you add to your paint - I was able to match orange peel on my ceiling this way a few years back. See Repair Popcorn Ceiling for details of how I did this.

Also, you can use joint compound that is thinned down to the consistency of runny oatmeal to provide the matching texture.  You would apply the compound to match the surrounding area.  For a texture finish, a paint roller may work fine to provide the texture.  For what is called "knockdown" you would take a stucco tampico brush (a home store will know what this is) and splatter on the mix, let it dry 10-15 minutes and then draw your 10-inch drywall knife over the top to knock down the textured surface flat if that's what you have surrounding.  Basically match your surrounding area using whatever technique will work - with a small area you should be able to take your time and do this without expensive equipment like a power sprayer.  When done (and well dried), prime and paint - you may wish to repaint the entire section of the wall so the paint matches well.

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