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Hi Mike, Thought I'd share the results of my project with you. Each of the photos has two vertical wall joints. Even with satin paint, and the side light from the light fixtures you can't see any sign of the joint locations. I've done a number of drywall projects in the past but never with this good a result. Thanks again for your marvelous web site.
Larry H.

Click on Photo To Enlarge

Click on Photo To Enlarge

Just to let you know your site is fantastic, your tips and methods work amazingly well. My wife and I have been renovating homes for 20 years now and always hated doing the drywall because of the crummy results we always seemed to get. We still hate drywalling but following your advice we love the finished product which makes it all worthwhile. Here of some photos of the work in progress. Thank you,
Tony G.

After 3rd Coat - Click on Photo To Enlarge

Finished and Primed! Click on Photo To Enlarge

. . . I'd like to thank you for your straight-forward instructions on dry-walling. I put a 4'x3.5' pass through from the kitchen into the living room and it really came out awesome. It was my first dry-wall project, I should have probably practiced somewhere inconspicuous as you suggested, but rushing into things is just my nature. Even my girlfriend, who was pretty mad when I first cut into the wall, was impressed.

Jeff B.

Looking Into Kitchen - Click to Enlarge

Looking Out of Kitchen - Click to Enlarge

Hi Mike: Found your site a month ago when I was redoing my rec room.I did it 20 years ago. Drywalled it and rough taped it. Wallpapered it and that was fine. Now the wife wanted me to de-wallpaper , re-tape and finish it right. Now I was sweating. Whenever I did any drywalling in the past I had the habit of sanding between coats and screwing everything up. After reading and closely following your instructions it came up perfect. I cannot thank you enough. I am sending a before and after picture with one in between. I have other pictures if you like.

Cheers Bruce

BEFORE - Click on Photo To Enlarge

AFTER - Click on Photo To Enlarge

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