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How To Tape Drywall Joints That Meet

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A commonly asked question is how should I tape joints that meet each other? Should the tape from the joints overlap? Can their be a gap? This page provides some guidelines.

Taping a Wall Joint That Meets a Corner Joint
You should tape the inside corner joint first, since it is easier to cut off the wall joint tape to length. Then, tape your wall joint and make your wall joint tape a little shorter so there is a 1/8" to 1/4" gap between the end of the tape and the corner joint tape as shown below in Figure 1. This gap will not cause a problem since the role of the tape is to prevent cracking and a crack will not occur in this small of a gap. Don't overlap the tape as this will result in a higher surface to finish.

Taping 3 Joints That Meet At a Corner (Interior or Exterior)
If you have 3 joints that meet at an interior corner, you should clip off the paper tape at angles as shown below in Figure 2 so the corners do not overlap.  If you are finishing an exterior corner with metal corner bead, clip off the corners in a similar manner. Again, you don't want overlap that will result in a higher surface that can be problematic to finish.

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