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Drywall Questions - Taping over Knockdown Texture, Retaping Bad Seams, Taping Larger Angles, & Uneven Edges Meeting at a Joint

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Phil asked: How do I tape and finish where a new drywall piece meets and already textured wall at a corner?

ANSWER: Phil, unfortunately, you will have to remove texture about 6" out from the corner. Then tape and finish and reapply knockdown to match on the one side. The only other alternative is to not tape, but then you will have a crack in the corner. Knockdown is covered on the page www.drywallinfo.com/knockdown-texture.html It is possible that you could apply the thin knockdown mud with something other that this sprayer - perhaps a spray product.

Bob asked: How can I repair badly done seams in the house we just bought?

ANSWER: Bob, you can peel away the old tape and mud by scoring on each side of the center with a utility knife and then using a putty knife or narrow taping knife to lift off the tape and surrounding mud, as shown at www.drywallinfo.com/retaping-drywall.html . Then place mud and new tape in the depression and finish over the top. Another way is to place coats on each side of the tape and then bridge the two coats with another, as shown at www.drywallinfo.com/butt_joints.html . Place additional coats to feather out the sides.

Lori asked: How do you form a corner that will be larger than 90 degrees?

ANSWER: Lori, you should use a special taping product like Strait Flex or it's equivalent. This will insure that the corner stays straight. I have a page dedicated to finishing such corners at www.drywallinfo.com/taping-wide-angles.html

An anonymous person asked: What if two surfaces meeting at a joint are uneven?

ANSWER: If surfaces are uneven, this means you may have an older 3/8" drywall and you are placing standard 1/2" drywall next to it. The easy solution in this case is to go with 3/8" drywall. If the new piece you are putting on is lower than the existing piece, the easy solution is to place shimming material under the lower piece to make it level (cardboard will work fine). If you are referring to a non-finished edge next to a tapered edge, fill in the taper, as I describe at www.drywallinfo.com/drywall-news/preparing-recess-butt-drywall-joint/ - Then finish as usual.


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