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This site on how to drywall is for the beginner.  The methods involve more steps than what a professional would probably use and the higher-moisture compound I suggest is not what pro's would recommend but here's the good news:  The methods on this site are easy to master, involve NO SANDING (except minimal sanding at the end), and the results are professional in quality!This site is for the beginner that wishes to redo a room, make a repair, or finish an addition and doesn't have the money on hand to pay a pro.  The instructions given on this site assume you know nothing about finishing drywall. There are plenty of pictures and the steps are broken down to include all the subtle (but essential) details. I would, however, recommend that if you need to drywall an entire home or finish high ceilings, you should employ a professional. Your best bet to find a good local professional drywall contractor is to seek referrals from friends.

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On this site you will find all kinds of tutorials and videos to show you how to tape and finish drywall. The menu on the left will lead you to those pages. Also, there are drywall repair tutorials - who doesn't need to repair their drywall! In addition, there are pages on different varieties of drywall, dust control, drywall FAQ's, repairing basement water damage, removing black mold in a bathroom, constructing plumbing access panels, and other information related to drywall.In response to numerous requests for a video series of a complete job, a 10-part video series has been created featuring a drywall repair of a large hole. Click here for 10-part Video Series of Drywall Repair! This includes taping, finishing, and painting. Read how this site has helped many with their projects on our comments page.

I think my biggest error when I initially tried to tape drywall was thinking that taping and finishing drywall is something you do on a single day off or weekend.  I tried to do the job all at once.  In reality, taping drywall (and finishing drywall) is something you do in somewhat shorter steps, spanning 3 or 4 days or more.  Your first step in doing this right is obtaining the patience needed.  Get patience and learn a few basics and you may surprise yourself with the quality of your work. My techniques involve more steps than what many people will recommend - my methods, however, produce nice results for the beginner.

As with any new skill, you should practice a little.  Do a small job in a closet, garage, basement, or other out of view spot before tearing into your living room.

Happy drywalling!

Michael Sakowski, PhD (Practicing home Drywaller)

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